Delftse Amateur Jazz Jam



Stefano Pesapane

instrument: drums

bands: KF trio, actually looking for other bands/musicians to play with, just to keep my my drumming fresh and alive

Why Music?
good question, when I was a kid there was an italian pop band rehearsing very close to the place where I was used to meet my friends, we went to listen them every now and then, I was very fascinated by the sound of the drums,the drummer of that band became my hero and he still is I believe, I wanted to play drums like him, everything started from there.

Why Jazz?
because of its freedom and musicality, I can hear stories from the solos played by the great musicians, that's all about I think, I have also to say that I don't believe in styles, there is only good or bad music,there's one word to define music and it is: emotion, anything else.

I also like funk/soul/latin music, my favourite bands are Steely Dan and Weather Report, not really pure Jazz then, what I don't like is to get in to the "ghetto" of musicians playing for other musicians, I like that "normal people"can understand and hopefully enjoy what I play.

Why the session?
good to play with and to meet new musicians everytime, that's what enriches the music.

Future projects
I would like to "Jazz" old italian melodies and crazy enough playing drums with a Gregorian Choir.

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